These are a few examples of Structural Engineering Solutions available depending on the requirements of your project:

Structural Steelwork

  • beams, colums, bracing
  • portal frames
  • stability frames
  • purlins and cladding design
  • box girder design
  • composite floors
  • handrail and baluster post design
  • cranes, crane rails and runway beams

Reinforced Concrete

  • beams
  • columns
  • shear walls
  • stairs
  • floor slabs‚ etc


  • rafters‚ joists‚ purlins‚ colums‚ beams
  • timber diaphragm walls
  • feature oak trusses
  • flitch beams


  • colums‚ piers‚ walls
  • wall panels

Retaining Walls

  • reinforced concrete
  • grouted cavity
  • mass masonry
  • stone gabion
  • reinforced concrete bored pile


  • traditional strip footings
  • reinforced concrete ground beams
  • reinforced concrete raft foundations
  • underpinning
  • tower crane bases

Conservation Work

  • barn conversions
  • underpinning works
  • crack stitching
  • oak truss strengthening
  • beam strengthening
  • cast iron beam repairs
  • restraints for bulging walls

Domestic Work

  • structural alterations and extensions
  • loft conversions

Renewable Energy

  • checking existing roof structures for installation of new solar panels

Structural Surveys

  • surveying and reporting on existing structures showing signs of structural distress (i.e cracking in walls, subsidence, lintel failure etc)
  • preparation of strengthening works and repairs as necessary